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Introducing Purposeful Family Living

What makes a place home is the family that lives there. A house can only become a home when it is lived in by people that care for each other and are part of each other's lives. Bright Oaks households are made up of groups of people that come together to build a family-like relationship filled with love, care, and happiness that results in loving connections amongst them.

The purpose to our existence is to be useful and add value to the family and the world that we live in. At Bright Oaks, everyone has a role, a contribution, and a responsibility to their household. We work together to make each day better than the day before for all of us. Better in the way of excitement, growth, fulfillment, and happiness.

A different approach to care.
Bright Oaks is a special kind of place. It was created to help our Family Members grow in all ways—personally, emotionally, and psychologically. By celebrating what’s unique in each of us, Bright Oaks communities encourage engagement on a very personal level. Our goal is to help you ignite your curious nature—and make life fun again. At Bright Oaks, you will have a richer experience as you share life with and support others who have similar interests.

At Bright Oaks, new Family Members move into established, welcoming households and thrive in a multi-generational, family-style atmosphere where they live with purpose, set goals, and see value in themselves and their accomplishments—while helping other Family Members achieve their own accomplishments and attain life satisfaction. We call this Purposeful Family Living.

A meaningful life through Purposeful Family Living.
We believe Purposeful Family Living can slow age-related decline and sometimes even reverse some of its effects. Our model of care is based on scientific evidence to deliver a higher quality of life through social stimulation and engagement, not medication.

Our Assisted Independence Family Members flourish in an active environment where they can rise above any physical limitations to enjoy energetic and fulfilling lives. Our New Journeys Memory Care Family Members benefit from the latest approaches to promoting brain health, including music, art, and interactions. And our exclusive Bridge neighborhood allows couples affected by dementia to stay together while providing access to the security and assistance of Memory Care.

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Late Summer, 2016

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